BCS Chassis Management Services

BCS operates within "K" Line’s existing operation. At certain CCM chassis pool locations, BCS is a contributing user of the pool.

BCS is a party to the UIIA. All parties wishing to use/interchange chassis from BCS must be active members of the UIIA. All parties must also meet BCS’s particular insurance requirements as specified in the UIIA.

BCS will supply chassis for motor carrier use in conjunction with "K" Line container release at locations where BCS operates. "K" Line America offices manage chassis supply for BCS and can be contacted on any local chassis supply concerns.

As per BCS’s addendum, there are no free days when using a BCS chassis and per diem rates are applicable. "K" Line will pay BCS directly for chassis in certain situations. Please consult the BCS Location Rollout Schedule page on this website for more details.

(Note that unauthorized, non-UIIA users will be subject to per diem rental rates of $30 a day and any related additional expenses incurred.)

Select here to contact Bridge Chassis Supply (BCS) via email.