Damage Vehicle Examination Report (DVER) Procedures

In accordance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrations, parts, 40, 303, 325, 350-399

Damage Vehicle Examination Report or Roadside Inspection Reporting (DVER)

FMCSA Quote (396.9) - The driver of any motor vehicle, including a motor vehicle transporting intermodal equipment, who receives an inspection report shall deliver a copy to both the motor carrier operating the vehicle and the intermodal equipment provider upon his/her arrival at the next terminal or facility. If the driver is not scheduled to arrive at a terminal or facility of the motor carrier operating the vehicle or at a facility of the intermodal equipment provider within 24 hours, the driver shall immediately mail, fax, or otherwise transmit the report to the motor carrier and intermodal equipment provider.

Email DVER reports within 24 hours of receipt to



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