Chassis Repair Procedures
  1. Motor Carrier and Provider will not issue an invoice for repair items equal to or less than $100 per unit per Interchange Period.
  2. In the event repairs over $100 are necessary while interchanged to Motor Carrier, Motor Carrier shall make such repairs for BCS's account, provided that Motor Carrier shall secure written approval from BCS before making any repairs where the estimated will exceed $100. Approval can be obtained by contacting MEC (Multimodal Engineering Corporation) within normal working hours or on the next business day if incident occurred after working hours. These charges shall be billed to BCS within thirty (30) days from the date the repairs were authorized by BCS or Motor Carrier forfeits its rights to collect on the charges from BCS.
  3. Any repair invoices submitted to BCS for reimbursement must be accompanied by all supporting information and documentation:
    1. Chassis and Container#
    2. Location of repair
    3. Wheel position ( tires)
    4. Damage description
    5. TIRs
    6. DOT numbers for both damaged and replacement tires a. Properly matched OEM or recap only
    7. Copy of itemized road service invoice to Motor Carrier to include breakdown of all labor and materials with taxes,
    8. Component receipt
    9. BCS’s approval number
  4. Regarding Dual Axle tire failures. When a driver continues to ride after a tire has lost air and gone flat, the adjacent tire due to overload will fail. In these cases BCS will decline reimbursement on the cost of the second tire failure. Additionally if both tires are determined to have been destroyed due to driver neglect, BCS will decline to pay the entire invoice.
  5. All defective components which are deemed BCS’s responsibility and for which Motor Carrier would seek reimbursement, have to be returned to a BCS designated facility/vendor for inspection by a qualified inspector who will determine the cause of failure. These charges shall be reasonable and customary cost of repair/replacement (for tires not to exceed $250 per recap or $300 per OEM (inclusive of labor, material, taxes and road call unless some extraordinary circumstance exists) and billed to BCS within 30 days from the date of the repairs were authorized by BCS.
  6. Improper Repairs – Where BCS determines that repairs made while Interchanged to Motor Carrier do not meet BCS’s standards or were not done with parts of similar quality, these repairs will be treated as damage and will be subject to damage provisions within the UIIA and BCS Addendum.
  7. Click here for Damage Vehicle Examination Report (DVER) Procedures
  8. Click here for Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) Procedures
  9. MEC Contacts:
    BCS East Coast - (908) 558-1185 (
    BCS Mid West - (815) 531-8458 (
    BCS North West - (253) 627-8530 (
    BCS West Coast - (562) 425-4023, ext. 20 (
    OTR & Equipment M&R Invoices - (

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